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Blog Post Bean There, Done That: Best Places to Visit in Europe for AMAZING Coffee

Following numerous trips to Europe, it's unsurprising that we have started to pick up on how Europeans like their coffee.
image of Bean There, Done That: Best Places to Visit in Europe for AMAZING Coffee

Following the Two Essentials teams’ numerous trips to Europe for wine and coffee tastings, it’s unsurprising that we started picking up on how Europeans like their coffee; in fact we’ve realised there’s a whole culture behind drinking coffee on mainland Europe. 

Unlike us Brits, whose idea of “getting a coffee” is rushing into a Costa on your way to a meeting, tapping your foot impatiently and sighing as the barista slowly makes up your espresso while you look around at the other moody business-people mirroring your stance.
The Europeans, however, take a completely different approach. They sit outside on the cobbled streets in their wooden-wicker chairs; relaxing with friends and with a spot of people watching in between, sipping at their cappuccinos.

And honestly, we’re not complaining! The team at Two Essentials have embraced the European “coffee-culture” and are ready to share this with all our customers.

With all our travels in mind, here are some of the very best places in Europe to get coffee: 

Rome, Italy
In 2014, Italy was ranked as the 12th highest consumers of coffee in the world - and so it’s no surprise they appear first on our list.
Coining the phrases “cappuccino”, “espresso” and “latte”, Italy is often seen as a coffee drinker’s paradise, but don’t get too comfortable - the Italians prefer their coffee BOLD! There’s no such thing as a boring coffee here. Each and every cup delivers a powerful shot of caffeine, enough to keep you awake all night and all day!
A tip for all our coffee enthusiasts! The Italians don’t dilly-dally. While you won’t see the Italians rushing around the streets with their lattes, coffee in Italy is enjoyed in a quick shot leaning against a country.
Barcelona, Spain
Another contender in the Coffee Drinking Olympics is Spain, ranking 21st for most coffee consumed. The country’s array of coffee is vastly diverse, with a whole selection of coffees in varying strengths and flavours.
We would recommend two popular coffee drinks in the region, which are Cafe Solo and Cafe con Leche. If you’re an espresso drinker, try the beautifully rich yet simple Cafe Solo, however if you prefer a milky coffee, try Cafe con Leche, a weaker blend of espresso with milk.
Vienna, Austria
It wouldn’t be a blog about coffee without mentioning the original and iconic coffee house of Europe - The Viennese Coffee House. Complete with Thonet chairs, marble topped tables, ornate arches and tranquil piano music, the coffee house is an important part of Vienna’s coffee-culture. So important in fact, the UNESCO has listed it as an Intangible Cultural Heritage site
Even if you aren’t going for the coffee and pastries - which, let’s be honest, you are - the atmosphere and gorgeous surroundings are worth going to see.
Are you travelling to Europe this summer? We recommend trying out these coffee shops and let us know which ones you enjoyed most!
And should you want to keep the European “coffee-culture” going when you return, why not purchase your favourite blends of coffee from us! Call our team on 01376 386850 for more information about our products.