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Blog Post Brexit and your coffee

Once Brexit affects the country where will you be buying your morning cup of coffee?
It’s a little known fact that London has long received it’s morning caffeine fix thanks to the freedom of movement currently permitted within the EU.
The absence of such employees would be so intensely felt that Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, has voiced potential plans for a ‘barista visa’ which would allow EU nationals to work within the hospitality sector for two years.
A poll was carried out earlier this week that found that whilst the majority of Britons are perfectly happy to welcome EU nationals should they be working in the position of trust; for example within a hospital or care home, they do not follow the proposed barista visa.
In March this year the HR director from Pret A Manger explained to parliament that should the Barista Visa not be upheld they would struggle to find staff without employing the EU nationals that currently make up two thirds of the companies employees.
In an interview with a national newspaper Lord Green said
“We can kill two birds with one stone here... We can meet the needs of pubs and restaurants and maintain our links with young Europeans by allowing them to come for a strictly limited period of two years to work.”
It appears that providing the cheap labour can continue everything will be fine…