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Blog Post Food and Wine Matching Guide.

Wondering how to make the perfect pairing? Read on...
image of Food and Wine Matching Guide.
Many of us know that matching our wine and food by region is a sure fire winner. However regional pairings aren’t always the perfect combination, you can make your own without too much fuss and delightful results.
If you are cooking with deep earthy ingredients like mushrooms or truffles you will no doubt appreciate the great pairing they make with light bodied reds like Dolcetto or Pinot Noir. You can also try a fine white burgundy or a vintage Champagne.
If you are enjoying fish or seafood you will do well to pair with a smooth white like a Chardonnay from Australia. When making a pairing try to think in terms of mass and body. Gentle fish work well with delicate whites and heavier dishes like tuna could pair with a medium bodied red such as Merlot.
This is one that connoisseurs may hate but have you read our tagline? We are all about the passion not the pretentiousness! It may surprise you to hear it but good burgers (not McDonalds, let’s not get carried away) can match really well with a nice red. If you are tempted by a steak burger with a blue cheese dressing you won’t go wrong with a Cabernet that has the depth to hold its own.

Party Food. 
Holding an event? Choosing wine to work with your canapés can be tricky business. Prosecco is a great option if your canapés lean towards an Italian taste and Champagne is wonderful if you are serving cheese. Having a pink party in order to raise money for an event like breast cancer awareness? Why not serve a White Zinfandel with spicy canapés or Rose d’Anjou with vegetarian salad based canapés?
Last but not least Sweet and Salty.
If you have ever tried bacon and maple syrup pancakes you will be able to appreciate how sweet and salty really can be a match made in heaven.
You can pair port and salty pretzels or Riesling with a Thai takeaway for the ultimate pairings but let’s not forget champagne, best drank with crispy udon noodles with nori salt, which brings out the subtle sweetness.  
We hope you have enjoyed this article. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch.