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Blog Post How The Two Essentials Started

When I’m asked why I have chosen to start an import business for wine and coffee (of all things), I find the answer fairly simple: Because I love wine and I love coffee!

These two amazing drinks bookend my day, from the moment I open my eyes (Americano/Latte for me please) to the second I get back in after a hard day at work when I pour my wife and I a chilled white or an aromatic red. 

I can almost hear you thinking that this is not quite the answer to the question you asked. However this is where the whole story began as my fascination of both led me to looking at how I could become involved in both industries and importing and distributing offered me such a route.

The challenge to hunt down wines that taste absolutely incredible from smaller, family run vineyards and be able to sell them knowing they are the best around absolutely intrigues me!

The possibility of exploring vineyards all round the world to source the best on offer in order to grow a reputation for excellence without a huge price tag associated with the whole process is another massive driving factor for me.

With regards to coffee, discovering the subtle nuances of the different blends around the world and how the roast affects the taste of a uniquely flavoured variety of bean is another journey that vastly appealed. Thinking about the many different ways people brew their coffee and how that changes the taste amazes me! But most of all, I love the indepth knowlegde of both products that you gain when you meet the producers and see the passion that is poured into what most take for granted really spurred me to start The Two Essentials: So in short, I wanted to be part of it!