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Blog Post The Two Essentials Talk – Coffee in Budapest

It’s a well-known fact that European cities know how to make a great cup of coffee, which is an amazing way to get ready for a day of exploring and sightseeing. One of The Two Essentials team members has recently returned from a trip to Budapest, so we thought we would let you in on some of the incredible coffee shops in the city that you should try if you’re visiting in the near future.
Espresso Embassy -Taking its name from the Embassy of Montenegro which is located next door, this cute and quirky coffee shop is not to be missed. The interior has a strong industrial and contemporary feel to the design and they focus mainly on their tasty and aromatic coffee. If you leave wanting more, you can buy the coffee beans in store so you can take a little taste of Budapest back to the UK.
Madal Coffee– Madal coffee is by far one of the firm favourites when it comes to coffee supplies in Budapest. They are devoted to supplying delicious coffee and healthy but yummy snacks for anyone passing buy. With warm lighting and wooden interior, you will be perfectly satisfied should you fancy a break from all the walking.
My Little Melbourne– The home to a slice of Melbourne coffee culture, this little coffee shop is particularly appealing to any travelling Australians. Due to its popularity, there are now two locations in Budapest, one of these is home to Hungary’s only Synesso espresso machine. You will find an ever-changing selection of coffee blends here, including an espresso that is sourced primarily from Workshop Coffee in the UK.
Tramp and Pull– Last but not least we have Tramp and Pull, which word on the streets was the beginning to Budapest’s coffee craze. Once again you can choose from two locations in the city, the first kitted out to resemble something similar to the inside of Ikea, full of mixed furniture and faux marble. These coffee hubs serve a selection of coffee blends by the UK roasters Has Bean.
If you’re a coffee lover visiting Budapest in the upcoming months, this should keep your caffeine addiction satisfied over the duration of your trip. Here at The Two Essentials we see ourselves as passionate coffee experts, to see our available products visit our store page today.