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Blog Post The Most Popular Wines of 2017 So Far

Here at The Two Essentials, we give you our list of the most popular wines of 2017 so far!
image of The Most Popular Wines of 2017 So Far
It’s hard to believe that we’re half way through 2017 already. Summer is now in full swing, which means warmer weather, longer days and more socialising. If you enjoy being the hostess with the mostest you will understand the importance of keeping the guests’ glasses full.
Knowing which wine to serve and when can be difficult and you certainly don’t want to serve a half open bottle you found in the back of the fridge. That’s where the team here at The Two Essentials comes in! Here’s our list of the most popular wines of 2017 so far:
Pinot Grigio:
Pinot Grigio is the one of the world’s most popular wines. It’s a known fact that it’s a white wine, but did you know it’s created by using a red grape? It’s also one of the first vines harvested, with grapes picked as early as late August. The style of Pinot Grigio will vary depending on where it’s grown and the process that is used when it’s made. The flavors often associated with the Italian version are fruits such as pear, apple and white nectarine. Whereas the French version possesses more of a mineral flavour.
Sauvignon Blanc:
This wine is typically associated with warm weather which is perfect for a summer barbecue with friends. It’s generally a dry white and the flavour is again influenced by where it’s grown. Flavours that can be noted include citrus, pineapple and kiwi. These flavours are most recognisable with Sauvignon Blanc produced in New Zealand.
Chardonnay is a trusty, reliable wine. Which ideal for the comfortable compared to adventurous. This blend owns its global recognition due to its success in France’s wine regions. It holds a tropical fruit savour and is America’s favourite grape.
There’s our guide to the top three most popular wines this summer, the perfect time to serve white due to its light and fruity palate. Why not view our range of products to perfectly compliment your wine choices this summer?