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Blog Post The Top 5 Countries for Wine

Looking for ideas on where to source your next bottle? Read on for some ideas...
If like us at Two Essentials you are a serious wine lover, you will without a doubt be reading this with a bottle cooling in the fridge or breathing in a carafe. But where does your wine originate from?
Our team here at The Two Essentials have put together our top 5 countries that we believe produce the most delicious quality wine.

France– It will come as no shock to most people that France is certainly in our top 5. Not only does the country produce more wine that anywhere else in the world, but the French population are also known to consume the most wine per citizen, something that they are very proud of. Some examples of the quality wines they produce would be Clos des Papes, Château Léoville Las Cases and Château Simone Palette Rouge.

Italy – Producing around 4,107,370 tonnes of wine each year, Italy is the second largest wine producer and some enthusiasts say the second best in terms of quality too. Examples of some of their most appreciated wines are Castello di Ama, Malvira Roero Arneis and Masi Campofiorin Rosso del Veronese. You will find some of the oldest wine regions in Italy. The combination of pasta dishes and great wine makes Italy the 5th largest consumers of wine in the world.

United States– The United States are home to a range of wine regions covering nearly every state. The majority of wine production occurs in the west coast; the states of California, Washington and Oregan. A list of some of their best wines include Brewer-Clifton, Morgan Metallico Chardonnay and Rex Hill Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Portugal– Portugal has a slightly smaller production among other incredible wine producing countries but that is clearly because they have chosen to go for quality over quantity. Their wines are enormously appreciated across the world. Dow’s Vintage Port, Chrysela Douro and Quinta Do Vale Meãoare just a few of their most sought after wines.

Australia – Australia produce 1,231,000 tonnes of wine each year. The Australians aren’t huge drinkers themselves so instead they export 60% of the wine they produce, making them the fourth largest exporter in the world.  Some top picks of Australian wine include Mollydooker and Leeuwin.
So there you have the 5 top wine countries in the world. Here at Two Essentials we pride ourselves in being passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to wine without the associated pompousness. Please visit our web shop to see our available products.