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Our first stop on our first ever two Essential wine sourcing expedition! I'll always remember my first impressions here. Nestled on top of a hill overlooking vines galore, Oscar drove in and was quite possibly one of the most friendly people i have ever met in my life! With the introductions done and dusted, Oscar kindly took us on a tour of his winery and educated us in the way Quevedo operated. It was fascinating to hear the intricate detail Oscar went into and the humbleness behind his products and background.

With the whistle-stop tour behind us, we were prepared for some work - however, to say this was a far away as an English stuffy business meeting as one could get would be total understatement! As we sat sampling wines and ports in the sun with Oscar, his family arrived to join us briefly, most prominently his little boy, quite simply stealing the show! This is what resonated the most with us - a young (ish) man taking a business within an industry which has stifled in its own habits for so long, looking to move it forward into the 21st century but still having the older head of his father about along with the levelling influence of his wife and kids available too! 

Needless to say, what was meant to take a couple of hours stretched out into the evening (tasting wines and ports of this calibre does tend to do this) and as his last few employees came to say good evening, we all agreed it may be best to call an end to the meeting!

Quevedo offers some of the finest panoramic views from their restaurant/tasting room and we are proud to say we are the only importer of their fine Ports and wines! Click here to see their stock and if you ever have the chance to visit, i would wholly recommend it!