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Wait, whats this?!? A vineyard in the Douro that does NOT produce port?!? That's right! Quinta Do Popa is a truly extraordinary and unique vineyard but not just for that one reason - the people who run it have an extraordinary vision and are working wonders to produce some of the finest red wines about! A perfect match in many respects for what we are trying to achieve with The Two Essentials, a vineyard which has been brought into the 21st century by the grandchildren of “Popa”, Stephane and Vanessa have put a real unique twist on wine making.

Taking all the benefits of quality vinification, they brand the product to appeal to a younger audience while maintaining a product that appeals to the older. Alongside the Quinta’s offerings, the brother and sister duo have launched an exciting an innovative art project using their bottles as the canvass! So far, they have launched two lines of artwork with more to come in the pipeline (see our sales here to purchase).   

We love our PÔPA FRIENDS in the Douro and are proud to say we exclusively stock their wines in the United Kingdom so if you’re looking for a bottle of wine that will wow your friends on both the inside and the outside (of the bottle), click here to go to their wines and buy these wines before it’s too late! Here's a video to show you exactly what we're talking about: