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This must be one of the most picturesque vineyards in all of the Douro Valley, if not Portugal! Nestled adjacent to the Douro with the tributary Tedo (surprise surprise) slinking past, we arrived to meet Jorge, possibly one of the knowledgeable wine makers about, in his well used 4x4 insisting we come with him to tour the local vines, giving him time to explain Tedo's offering and philosophy. We managed to see the excavation they are currently doing in order to build a humongous natural cellar under the hill opposite the Quinta - an enormous undertaking but nonetheless very exciting times for the business!

Suitably impressed, we returned to taste some of Quinta do Tedo's wonderful wines and ports - and guess what! They are incredible. Jorge is involved in every aspect of the process and it tells with his knowledge, insight and understanding. Very traditional in his approach, Jorge was still open minded when we explained our vision of what and how we wanted to present his wine and port to our customers. Courteous to the extreme, the staff at the Quinta were absolutely fantastic with us and our only regret was not being able to spend more time there. 

Click here for more to purchase or peruse wines from Quinta do Tedo and do not hesitate to try these wines!